Monday, January 12, 2015

Snow!!! (Book of Me: Prompt 15)

I picked a doozy of a post to be my 1st post back after more than a year of not blogging.  Dates and links and photos OH MY!  Well, here we go...

It's been pretty cold here lately, so I decided to pick up where I left off on the Book of Me project (out of order of course) by talking about SNOW.

It's only snowed 5 times in my hometown of Lake Charles, LA in my lifetime:

February 7, 1988 (1.6 inches) First time either Dave or I saw snow.

This is one of my favorite pics.  My dad and I are having such a serious conversation!  Plus it kinda looks like we're in Narnia.

December 1989 it snowed the same week my sister-in-law Melissa was born.  I was getting snowed on too, but in VA.  My parents and grandparents and 2 of my uncles had Christmas at a friend's home.

December 2008 & 2009 snow flurries happened in Lake Charles, but less than half an inch each time.

And this past January 2014... a whopping .1 inches!! But it was so unusually cold for coastal Louisiana that we ended up having a total of 5 "snow days" from school! The funniest part was that grocery shopping the night before was panic-level "pre-hurricane", but instead of people buying out all the cases of water and batteries... almost every store in town was out of roux. HAHA!

Other memorable snow experiences:

Christmas Challenge Retreat (1997??) on Lookout Mountain in Georgia with the youth group at Sale Street Baptist Church. My husband David and I were actually both on this trip, although we didn't know each other yet! I'll have to hunt down some pictures from this.
Ski trip to Maine in January 2008
11-month-old Isaac came with us when we went skiing in Sugarloaf, Maine with our friends the Tarver family.
I have a photobook of this, but the original digital photos are lost and I can't share the book via the snapfish website like I can shutterfly.
If you have an account with you can check this out

Christmas in Grapevine 2012:
This magical Christmas when, for the 1st time in 20 years, it snowed in Dallas, TX... while we were there... on Christmas Day.

Click here to view this photo book larger

February in Philly with McGrath cousins:
I will post about this soon over at Knowing William, but here's a quick pic as a preview.

Here is the link to historical snowfall data for southwest Louisiana from the national weather service

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