Saturday, September 19, 2015

What Will Your E-Legacy Be?

Years from now when our grandchildren are googling our names to learn more about us (we hope, lol), what will they find? Will they find empty social networking pages or hundreds of negative comments on message boards? Will they find dozens of tagged pictures of us spending time with our friends and family or see our love of gardening through all the links we shared? Will they be inspired by our faith or our activism or will they be ashamed of hate and ignorance? Will they see the slow decline of marriages or the slow recovery from illnesses reflected in posts or the lack there of? Will they find well-documented online family trees with lots of pictures? What will our internet footprint say about who we really were on the inside.

I confess... my e-footprint will show that I love to start things, but have trouble finishing them. Blogs with half a dozen posts in one week followed by months and months of silence. But I keep coming back. Persistence, even if it is slow and erratic, will hopefully shine through. And I can only hope that my descendants will know that when I wasn't sticking with writing or researching or whatever, it was usually because my family needed me. That I didn't let ancestors long dead come before my living, breathing, beautiful family.

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