Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You Want to Know WHAT?!?! Book of Me: Prompt #3 (physical description)

Well... this prompt is a doozy, isn't it. Especially for women I guess. How to physically describe myself without being verbally abusive. I once had someone tell me to quit critiquing my appearance all the time, especially in front of my daughter, or she would grow up believing that always feeling not-quite-good-enough is how she's supposed to be. Anyway, I'm a work in progress on that front, so here goes.

I am 5'7". I'm about 190lbs and blessed with an hourglass-shaped figure that I got from my mom and "Martin women" hips. I wear a size 14 and I'm determined(ish) to drop at least a size so that its easier to shop. I've always felt like my weight was a struggle, but of course now I'd LOVE to be at a size that would've been unacceptable even 5 years ago, lol! Having 3 kids will do that I guess. I felt the most physically attractive my senior year in high school. Oddly enough, I'm much more confident now that I base my feelings about myself on how my husband and my Jesus see me, both of whom think I'm beautiful. : )

I have grey-blue eyes and brownish mid-length hair. I used to be blond. I kept it up artificially for a while, but I'm too cheap to get hi lights every 6 weeks, so now I don't.

My ears are pierced, but I don't often wear earrings or jewelry of any kind. I'm trying to dress better these days, wearing something besides yoga pants (which I wore to lunch today, and no, I don't actually do yoga) at least twice a week. I'm not super girly. I rarely even blow dry my hair, much less style it. And with 3 young kids I'm lucky to wash it more than twice a week. : |

I don't often wear make-up, but I like to get dolled up sometimes. The picture I have on here is what I look like now when I'm trying, hehe. It was taken in May 2013 at the Charleston Hotel in Lake Charles. I was sitting in at a fundraiser gig with my old band Soul Vacation.

When I'm just putting on basic make-up I use concealer under my eyes (which have BAD dark circles), powdered bronzer that I use as foundation, blush, and eyeshadow, and blue eyeliner on the inside on my bottom lashes. I hate mascara.

I have pretty big feet. I wear a 9 1/2. My hubby makes fun of my little toes by calling them "Quasimodo" since they're hunched up and have almost no toenail. My fingernails have ridges and grow in weird ways, which my Aunt Mary says I get from the Martin family. But when they do grow out they have very pretty natural white tips like a French manicure.

I have 7 birthmarks of various shapes and sizes, with the most obvious being an oblong tan one on the inside of my left knee. I have several moles, which I hate, and a few freckles. I also have a half inch scar under my chin from busting it open on our big claw-foot bathtub when I was a kid (twice) and not getting stitches.

I've always been told I have my Aunt Deanie's (my dad's sister) nose. My favorite thing about myself is that I have perfectly heart-shaped pouty lips.

*whew* That turned out to be easier than I thought. And quite therapeutic actually. Do any of you have a hard time describing yourself in a unbiased way??

Just FYI, I'm going to have to do a flashback to Prompt #2 about my birth later in the project as my mom is in possession of my baby book and is in the middle of a move right now.


  1. You ARE beautiful. God doesn't make junk, does he?
    I hate mascara too.