Sunday, December 22, 2013

Journaling - Book of Me: Prompt 6

I'm behind on my entries AND going out of order, but I suppose as long as I'm still plugging away that's alright...

I have kept various journals and diaries since I was pretty young. When I was in elementary school, I loved those pre-made, fill-in-the-blank "about me" books. I'm sure mom still has at least one of them. I remember we made black and white photocopies of all the pages of one that had teddy bears on it, so I could fill it out again at a different age. Mom just gave me the blank copies recently so that Zoe could fill it out when she's a little older. I also remember having a pink, electronic diary with a password, although I never really had to hide anything since I didn't have brothers or sisters to spy on me.

Most of my middle school journals were about various crushes and got chunked when I got married along with a boot-sized shoe box of notes from boys and friends. As I got toward the end of high school and beyond, my journaling because more self-help-ish: to do lists, goals, projects, exercise and food journals, etc.

If a notebook is more than half full and mostly memory-worthy, then I usually keep it. My journals vary from beautiful store-bought journals to spiral notebooks and everything in between. I have at least a few entries in almost every notebook I've ever owned. I have a fair number of saved files from old computers, too.

These days my 2 most common forms of journaling are facebook/blogging and prayer journaling. My ADD leads me to really struggle during my prayer time with "being still" to listen to God. If I write as I pray, it keeps me from getting distracted. It's often much more clear when and how God is answering me.

At this exact moment I have 4 journals and a daily planner within arms reach of my bed. I'm sure I will continue to journal and keep my notebooks. I believe it is good for my soul.

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