Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our time capsule - Book of Me: Prompt 8

I love the idea of this prompt. I considered making a time capsule about our houses history and our remodel/addition and our family in it and leaving it in the attic for a future owner to find. (I love house history, so I'm not ruling this out for a later project!) I considered a family time capsule of who each of us is and what we like right now, maybe with a letter or video to our future selves, that we could bury and plant a tree over to be dug up in 10 or even 20 years. (Also still a fun potential project.) I considered doing a yearly time-capsule-in-a-mason-jar as seen on this pinterest post here.

Right now I am leaning toward a decade time capsule. Working with timelines and scrapbooking has really gotten me thinking about how a person's life splits into decades. Just hitting the highlights of a decade with records, pictures, and personal items would paint such a unique picture of a person or family's evolution. For Dave and I a 2000s decade time capsule would probably include my high school diploma and senior pictures, a band picture of me and my drum major manual, a picture of me singing in my high school show choir, church choir, and with my band Soul Vacation, possibly a cd of a few of the very first digital pictures dad and I took with our very first digital camera, a circuit city shirt to remember my 1st (and only "real" job, and my college diploma. For Dave we would probably have a folder full of newspaper clippings from his high school sports, his green Fury t-shirt from rec soccer, some Saint Louis HS memorabilia, a picture of his Granny perming his bleached-blond hair, a picture of his station wagon and his broken arm, his high school diploma and senior picture of him at the piano, his bachelor's degree diploma, and some of the early brochures Dave made for Lonnie Harper & Assoc where he works. For "us" I think we would include a photo or maybe a recording of us playing in our friends Corey and Eric Tarver's praise band for 1st Church of the Nazarene, called Joshua's House; a picture of us at my senior prom; the video and maybe the silk flowers from our wedding and our marriage license; pictures from our trips to Disney World, Chicago, & New York; pictures or newspaper articles from Hurricane Rita; birth certificates and baby pics for Isaac and Zoe; pictures from the Curry and Chambers reunions in Arkansas; a Christmas or family portrait from each year; a picture of our 1st apartment; and the sales agreement for our home.

OK... that's a lot. I'll have to do research and find out what sizes and types of boxes are available. Should I get fireproof? Waterproof? Archival? Just a cardboard paper box for now? Before we finish and publish this Book of Me project by our 10th anniversary in May 2015, I'm going to make one of these time capsule things happen.

I'll keep you posted.

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